About us

Feeble Music is a division of Bad Taste Records, one of the biggest independent record labels in Scandinavia, and we function as a one-stop for music supervisors around the globe.

In addition to the catalog we represent on the label side we have done deals with the majority of the indie labels in the Nordic countries so that we represent their full catalogs for placements (master, and in many cases publishing rights), worldwide. Material from select labels in other territories will also be added to the database to ensure that we have an extensive catalog of easy to clear music in all different musical styles.

New material is uploaded on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis and the database already features some of the top indie artists from the Nordic countries. To make the site as user friendly as possible we have gone through great lengths to develop a very simple and effective search engine.


Film/TV licensing has been an important part of our business for the past 10 years and in 2006 we did music supervision for our first feature film, the vampire flick "Frostbite". The film was a huge success, won a number of awards and ended up being one of the biggest Swedish film exports that year.

Working on this project made us realize the importance of quick, simple clearances and that's when the idea for Feeble Music was born. In addition to everything we've done on the placement side we also have a vast experience of the music industry in general from running the record label for 15 years, a recording studio for the past 7 years, a record store/mail-order for 6 years and a booking agency for the past 5 years.